How the marble used for home and commercial constructions are different?

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While building the architectural marvels, the choices of marble change very much following the use of building. A commercially used building will have a different kind of specification s compared to a non-commercial used building or residential building. In the following section, we will differentiate between the marbles specification based on commercial and residential uses. So read the next article to get an idea which will be best-suited marbles for commercial or residential applications.

A fundamental difference between residential and commercial Marble

We all wonder do the Marble require for home are all the same as Marble for the commercial establishments. The answer is NO. So in the following section, we will try to understand the fundamental difference between Marble for residential and commercial ones.

Residential Commercial
Glaze Marble are definitely for a residential purpose where it comes in regular contact of water, oil, and grease. As per the SCOF rating, if it is more than 0.60, it is not for residential purposes. Commercial Marble should have a SCOF rating of more or around 0.80, at least.
These Marble can get damaged with improper care, so it is beneficial not to use glazed Marble in these areas. These Marble like Marble in the swimming pool and other areas bear daily wear and tear, and they are mostly anti glaze in nature.
If the surface is inclined in nature, then its SCOF should be more than 0.60 Any cover needed to have SCOF more than 0.80

Technical requirements

While choosing the Marble, its hardness determines both its durability and usability. The hardness of Marble is measure on the PEI scale, which will range from 1 to 5. The Pei rating is only for the hardness of pipes; it has nothing to do with the quality of Marble. So even a tile with PEI rating of 1 will look hard, though it will have less density than Marble with grade 5. The classification of PEI will give a better understanding of which flooring is better . the underlying ranking is as follows –

Parameter Attributes
PE -1 Fragile, suitable for wall application
PE -2 More suitable for light foot walk. Not at all suitable for kitchen, bathroom.
PE -3 Suitable for light commercial uses and best suited for residential applications. For commercial uses – Reception area, For Residential -all areas, including the kitchen.
PE -4 Durable and suitable for regular traffic. Most suitable for heavy commercial uses.

Slip Resistance

When you have to choose between residential and commercial Marble, there slipping nature also makes a big difference, when you are using a tile for commercial installation, high slip resistance Marble should be preferred . while for the residential purpose, it could be a moderate one. Low slip resistance Marble could be used for walls but never for the floor.

The rating system used for slip resistance Marble are as follows –

  • Static Coefficient for friction:- This is one of the oldest methods used for measuring the slip resistance nature of Marble, .but the measurement made in this system is very much inaccurate as it takes into consideration the slip resistance coefficient when a person is still on the floor.
  • The dynamic coefficient for friction:- It’s a new and more advanced method adopted for the measurement of slip resistance of Marble. It takes in to account the natural human grind in consideration for getting an idea of the slippery nature of Marble.

For commercial uses, a SCOF measurement of more than 0.80 should be preferred, while for non- commercial use, a SCOF less than 0.60 could be used.



Therefore your choice of Marble changes according to the need of the building. The essential factor the basis of which DCOF choice is made is the PE factor. Apart from that, SCOF and DCOF factors are also used for the measurement of the slippery coefficient of the building. Keeping these factors in mind ill give you a better understanding and provide you an insight on which marble will be best for you and why it suits your apartment.

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