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Integration of exotic marble walls into luxury interiors is the result of a refined search for the taste of uniqueness and exploration. It expresses a, somewhat hedonistic, desire to enjoy unique, evocative and very personal environments.

In the 19th-century, the taste for the sublime, the picturesque and the exotic reached its highest levels. Dreaming of lost paradises and thus escaping in a certain way from reality codified aesthetic lines full of meticulousness, delicacy, and taste for detail. The Arts and Crafts movement ranged from architecture to textiles, including the plastic arts. It stood out for the great importance it gave to the artisanal ways of working. Although its origins as a movement are in Great Britain, we will see it reflected in different and very diverse places around the world.

  • African Brown Marble: Exotic marble walls in luxury interiors are perfectly integrated into minimalist designs, where they take on the role of a canvas.
    African Brown Marble is imported marble of brown color from the marble quarry of turkey. There is a presence of deep brown veins with dark brown background. This type of marble is good for durability & water resistance. African Brown Marble can be used for construction and design projects.

African Brown Marble

  • Grigio Imperiale Marble: The Grigio Imperiale Marble is the luxury marble par excellence. A bedroom wall acquires a level of sophistication very difficult to match, thanks to the exquisite combination of the intense brown of the base and its rich red- golden veins. Pure luxury and distinction, without shrillness.

Grigio Imperiale Marble

  • Black Marquina Marble: There is an immense request of Black Marquina Marble in Indian and International Market.It is fine and smaller grain, dark, with white veins, which can in the long run be exceptionally bottomless. This marble creates a luxurious contrast when used with warm colored backgrounds.

Black Marquina Marble

  • Blue Breccia Marble: Another excellent example of exotic marble walls. In the composition, we see the possibilities offered by the combination of different natural stones in the same space. The wall is composed of a luxurious cladded Oasis Brown marble, gently marked by fine white veins. The bathtub instead is like a negative version of the wall. The piece is made with Arce Natura marble and has a white base furrowed by brown veins.

Blue Breccia Marble

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