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Marble has been used around the world to create smooth and elegant surroundings. We Indians have significance for each color, having different ideologies for each color. Among the wide range of colors, we have slightly kept some soothing colors for our homes in which grey color plays an important part.

Grey Marble is popular in India for its simple and elegant look as it also provides light and spaciousness. It can cover floors and walls of both interior and exterior spaces. There are grey marbles used for its luxurious look in lobbies, staircases, window sills of hotels, and palaces.

Let’s have a look at the most popular range of grey marble available at stonehub India:

  • Armani Grey Marble: This marble is also known as Fossil grey Marble as it is having patches of fossils all over it. Its uniqueness of fossils provides a luxurious look. It is one of the finest forms of Italian and Turkish marble. This type of marble is used in both exterior and interior spaces.
  • Grey Emperador Marble: This grey marble is imported from Turkey, it is known for providing a luxurious look to sinks, monuments, and pools. This marble is strong as compared to other imported marbles and does not get easily stained.
  • Astrus Grey Marble: This Grey marble is quarried from the best mines in Turkey. It is known for its absolute grey color and fine white veins all over it. This Turkish marble provides a beautiful and gentle look to a place once applied.
  • Bossy Grey Marble: This highly polished grey marble is so authentic and gives a perfect look. One can make different designs from its light and dark color. The wide range of Turkish, Spanish, Italian marble puts in wonder of grace.
  • Botega Grey Marble: This marble has brown background having a fine texture of back and grey patches, overall providing a greyish look. This type of marble gives a perfect look of royalty and astonishment, also it can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.
  • Grey Flurry Marble: This grey marble has its origin in Italy. It comes in various designs and gives an attractive look once applied. This marble is used for both flooring and cladding in luxury apartments and hotels.
  • Grey Laurent Marble: This marble is imported from the finest mines of turkey and Italy, it is available in variations in tones from ochre to red. This marble has extremely smooth texture of dark red and pinkish veins on a light blue background, overall providing a slightly greyish look.
  • Bvlgari Grey Marble: This Marble has the perfect combination of grey and beige color. It adds a luxurious look to a place, with its fine texture of grey freckles that are intertwined with the wisps of white.

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