10 Best Ideas to use Black Marble at Home!

You Search For 10 Best Ideas to use Black Marble at Home!


Are you planning to transform your home? Planning to use that deep royal black color marble that will accentuate your home décor. Indeed, the black color is a great choice, it can enhance any look and can make it look great. Let’s just take this topic further and discuss how effectively black marble can change the look of your home.

Along with grace and beauty, marble also comes with durability, versatility, and different other features that make it perfect and compatible for home decors. In this article, we are going to discuss about the potential designs that certainly help you to achieve a luxurious look.

Tips to Incorporate Black Marble

Classical Approach:

Black color always looks brilliant with white color, you can make different patterns and designs using marble of both the colors. You can go for a white-dominated flooring featuring simple, aesthetic designs of black color marble.

Black Coated Appliances

Black marble can be effectively used on countertops, shelves, and faucets, it will look extraordinarily effective when you have white kitchen flooring. Black countertops will also be helpful in hiding stains and other damages. It will look ultimate in kitchens and bathrooms.

Black is King

Black color is so captivating and has a knack to make any space classy. Earlier homeowners avoid using it as in their opinion it would dim the atmosphere of the home. But today you often notice black marble is popularly used in hotels, restaurants, spas for an enhanced look.

Mural of Colors

Combining black color with other colors will offer you a variety of designs & patterns. For instance, you can use black color marble with clean beige color marble for your exterior décor.

Don’t get confused about choosing the right shade

Different shades of black envelop different spaces with grace & beauty. Select the right shade of marble that is perfect for your home, according to the home décor and wall painting.

Shades of Black color vary from the deep dark to minimal grey take the example of black Marquina and black river marble, these two marble stones are very popular for flooring and staircase.

For exploring different shades of black marble, you can always contact Stonehub India, it is the bestseller of marble imported from countries like Italy, Turkey, Spain, and several others. 

Black Décor

Black-colored marble can be integrated into our homes elegantly. It doesn’t matter if your space is big or small. Black is a royal color it looks as gracious as if it is meant for that particular.

If you want something more subtle then you must go for the color grey it will provide a calm look to the place along with that elegant look.

Enhance your Home Aesthetics

You can enhance your home aesthetics by applying black marble to different areas, if you are looking for some ideas then read on to the article to know the best ways to flaunt the home décor ideas.

Black Bathroom

For a unique look, you can use black marble in your bathrooms instead of that typical marble slabs.  You can go for marble slabs like black Marquina marble, black gold marble & black river marble. You can easily avail of these marble slabs from stone hub India- the largest importer and best seller of imported marble.

Black marble Staircase

The black staircase looks extravagantly beautiful and unexceptional that won’t find easily at any other place. It is wise to use black color on stairs as it will offer your complete home a different look, much enhanced and beautiful.

Black Marble Wall Cladding

Wall cladding with black-colored marble will look so elegant especially when you have white flooring. There is no better way to make your home look more stylish than using black accent walls.

Black Kitchen Countertops

Black slabs are in trend, it looks so graceful along with hiding stains and spills. Black countertops provide a sense of sophistication making your kitchen look cleaner and well maintained.

Stonehub India- leading Supplier of Black Marble

At Stonehub India- you will find a broad range of black marble that can elevate your space perfectly. From bold royal black to subtle calm black featuring minimalist grey color, you can find everything at stone hub India available in the best quality. Select from the premium marble stones and create the most desired look for your homes.

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