Solarious Marble

Solarious Marble

Collection : Bellezza
color : Black, White
About Solarious Marble :

Solarius Marbles are resin lines treated clear epoxy natural marble slabs which is mostly available in Black colours covered with white veins and is generally used in Kitchen purposes.

Solarious marble 


Black marble provokes strong emotions and builds authority, elegance, and power. Due to this reason, people prefer black if someone wants to show power and authority with their business. Solarious marble also exhibits the same characteristics on the building when it is installed for interior and exterior decoration. In the collection of brown and gray, the black color is enough to dominate their competitors. 


Appearance - 


  • This is white and black in color. 

  • The thickness of the marble is 16-18 mm available in the market

  • Quarried from the Italy

  • The available shape would be polished and unpolished slab. 

  • Durable, and available in variable veins patterns. 

Application - 


  • This is generally used in the kitchen. 

Pricing information -


The price of the Solarious imported marble is the 250 INR per square feet

Price of Solarious Marble marble is * per square feet

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