Alaska Grey Marble

Alaska Grey Marble

Collection : Bellezza
color : Grey
About Alaska Grey Marble :

These are Alaska grey colour natural marbles. This marble is very economical and has multipurpose uses. This is widely used for wall cladding, walls, lift panels and stairs.

Alaska grey marble 

Appearance and Origin - 


  • Alaska Grey Marble is a fine-grained, relatively pure limestone that varies in color from medium grey to grey-blue. 

  • The stone is often described as having a natural gray tone and a smooth, even grain. It makes an excellent choice for use in the bathroom due to its durability and resistance to staining. 

  • This is a natural stone that comes from the tectonic plate of Alaska. Dense, high-quality marble that has excellent polish. 

  • Alaska Grey Marble features a naturally occurring color variation that varies from shade to shade. Alaska Grey Marble is a beautiful blend with a very unique look; with sreaks and natural veining throughout. 

  • Alaska Grey Marble is composed of a variety of minerals, but the most prevalent is quartz. Made in Alaska, this type of marble is known for its appearance, which ranges from deep charcoal to slightly smoky grey in color. 

  • It has a wavey surface with light, even veining and a full-cut face. This grey marble looks best in larger rooms, as the lighter tones will make it appear more dramatic and monochromatic. Alaska Marble is a pure white mineral with a classic, uniform look and feel. The stone is semi-polished and has a high polish. 

Availability Of Alaska Grey Marble -


It is found in remote parts of the state where access is limited, making it relatively rare and collectible. Alaska marble is a type of imported marble in Kishangarh primarily produced in the northwestern United States, with several quarries located in Alaska's Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet regions. Stone Hub India is the best importer for imported marble in Kishangarh, and buyers can order online for their convenience. 


Pros and Cons of Italian-Imported Marble 


  • One side of the Italian imported marble is polished but not the other one. 

  • The luster of the Italian imported marble is high and quite soft. 

  • An extensive variety of Italian imported marble is available. 

  • The quality of the Italian imported marble is superior. 

  • The sizes of the Italian imported marble are 18-20 mm. 


Cons of Italian imported marble 


  • The cost of the Italian imported marble starts from 350 INR 

  • To install the Italian imported marble, someone needs highly skilled people. 

  • Requires maintenance 

Application -


Alaska marble is a variety of limestone with a creamy-white color and a smooth surface. This marble is characterized by its fine grain structure and lack of visible veins. Its neutral to slightly alkaline composition makes it an excellent choice for interior or exterior applications, including countertops, stair risers, and vanity tops.

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