Versace Grey Marble

Versace Grey Marble

Collection : Forte
color : White, Blue, Golden
About Versace Grey Marble :

Versace Grey is a luxurious Italian Marble with a beautiful and unique background featuring a splash of colors Light Blue with white and golden veins. This Marble is specifically used for those places where luxury is a key essential part. This marble can give any space a pure tint of luxury.This stone is especially good for Countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior - interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills, and other design projects.

Versace Grey Marble 


Versace Grey Marble is one of the best marble that adds luxurious appeal to the building. Here are a few more facts about the Stone Hub India Collection, an imported marble company in Kishangarh. 


Appearance -


  • Versace Grey marble is light blue with white and gold veins. 

  • This marble is quarried in Italy

  • Versace Grey marble is available in the form of floor marble, wall and marble slabs.  

  • The finishing of the standard marble is polished. 

  • Interior designers recommend this marble for interior and exterior decorations

  • The thickness of the marble is 18 mm 

  • This is available in both blocks and slabs. 

Application - 


  • This marble is generally used for flooring, kitchen countertops and walls. 

  • Use in the office, restaurant and hotel. 

Pricing information -

The price of the Versace Grey marble is 325 INR per square meter, available in the market.

Price of Versace Grey Marble marble is ₹ 190* per square feet

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