What affects the price of marble?

What affects the price of marble?

Posted Date : 2022-05-19 16:06:13

If you are planning to refurnish your home or construct a new building, you might have some idea that the prices of marble slabs differ widely. Even you find manufacturers asking for different prices for the same piece of marble. So, what are the actual reasons for variation in prices?
There are different prices of this change in the price of marble-like creation, originality, quality, and many other factors as well. In this article, we are going to learn about certain factors that help in determining the prices of marble. Keep reading!
As we all know that marble countertops are exceptionally popular choices for different places like bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, fountain areas, exteriors of a building, and several areas in a commercial building as well. So, applicability means where you are going to make that marble place and how much visibility it has decided the price. Normally, the marble used in living areas, and interiors are of high quality and thus costs higher whereas marble in bathrooms and swimming pool are not that smooth hence, costs less.
The other important factor is the location from where you are ordering. Shipping costs add up to the value. For example, if you are importing marble from a location that is easier and nearer to your location then the value is less than that of when you order from a farther location.

Factors that affect the price of the marble

Several other factors that affect the price of the marble are:

1.       Availability:

The scarcer the stone is, the higher it will cost. Availability is such an important factor when you are dealing with marbles. For example, if you want a marble from a particular quarry in Italy then of course it will add some extra value to your budget.

2.      Colors:

Less color is often considered more desirable when it comes to marble. Marble slabs with minimal veining can be difficult to come by.

3.      The thickness of the Slab

It goes without saying that the larger the surface area covered by marble countertops, the higher the price of the marble. The thickness of your marble slab will also play a factor in determining its pricing, so size isn't only about the surface area. While 3mm is the most common thickness, some homeowners choose a 5mm slab for a more substantial countertop surface and the appearance of bulk and depth.

4.       Finishes

The polish is another factor that influences the price of marble slabs. Many of the natural stone slabs we sell now come in polished, honed, or even leathered finishes.
The most popular and least expensive finish is polished, although there are situations when a subtler texture is desirable. A honed finish truly brings out the character of a dramatic stone-like dark Emperador marble, which is so rich in color and texture.

5.      Designs, veins, and color

When it comes to marble cost, the quality of the natural resource is only one factor to consider. Another aspect of marble’s worth is the amount of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into its creation and installation. Specialty edges are cut into marble countertops to improve their overall appearance. Because a craftsman must shape those edges, which takes time and results in an additional cost for the finished countertop slab, those edge bevels can have a significant impact on the price of the finished marble countertop. In addition, the type of finish you choose for your countertops can affect the ultimate cost of the marble installation, as certain finishes are more expensive than others.
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