Travertine Stone: Appearance, Types, Origin, and Application

Travertine Stone: Appearance, Types, Origin, and Application

Posted Date : 2022-11-30 15:35:39

Marble and stone are excellent choices to magnify the appearance of the home and building. The collection of marble and stone is huge, and if you are someone who is confused about choosing the best imported marble in Kishangarh, then here we have the best imported Italian stone, which is travertine stone. Today we are going to learn a bit more about travertine marble, including types of travertine, their appearance, origin, and applications, so let’s get started. 

Let’s take a glimpse at the types, appearance, origin, and application of Travertine Marble

The origin of travertine is in Italy, and this is basically found in the dolomite region. In the collection of the best Italian marble, travertine has also earned a decent place. But this is not a marble, it is a stone and possesses exceptional characteristics. The majority of people use this marble for interior decoration in homes and businesses. Stone Hub India has the best imported marble in Rajasthan, and they have around 300+ collections of marble, including travertine stone. 

How is it different from other imported Italian marbles? 

  • They are available in various colors and patterns. 
  • The color of the Travertine never gets faded and stays for a long time. 
  • Travertine always gives a matte finish and it will never reflect light. 
  • Someone can use it for decorating walls, ceilings, kitchens, and bathrooms. 
  • If you haven’t polished the surface of Travertine then it is perfect to use outside in order to avoid being slippery.
  • The pricing of the marble is based on the shine or luster, similarly, the price of Travertine stone is based on the origin and quality. 
  • Travertine has endurance and a hard appearance. 
  • As per the top imported marble company in Kishangarh - travertine stone is not for commercial purposes. 
  • History has witnessed that - travertine has been used for years, and the most famous Roman building, the Roman Aqueducts, is built from travertine stone. 

The Origin? 

The name "travertine" is derived from the Italian word "Travertino," and it is associated with Tivoli, a neighborhood close to Rome where a significant amount of travertine is naturally generated. Travertine has been utilized as a building material and in several amphitheaters since prehistoric times. Travertine is frequently used in the construction of old temples, monuments, and courtyards. The Colosseum is a wonderful illustration of travertines and the durability of the stone. This is the largest structure built largely of travertine. Others include the Sacre-Coeur Basilica in Paris and the Colonnade of St. Peter's Square in Rome. Since the First Egyptian Dynasty, which began about 3200 BC, 



Types of Travertine  

There are various types of Travertine marble available in the market and you can choose any of the choices. These options are ideal for wall decoration, and other purposes. All the marbles are effortlessly available.

  • Travertine Giallo
  • Yellow Travertine 
  • Noche Travertine 
  • Silver Travertine 
  • Titanium Travertine

The thing that you should not ignore if you are using Travertine Stone 

  • Someone needs to be very conscious of using travertine, and bring the best kind of sealant to keep it protected. 
  • Don’t clean the travertine surface with harsh cleaners. 
  • A recent example of Travertine is Willis Tower in Chicago and the main pillars and wall of the building are made up of this stone only. 
  • From placing it somewhere in the building to delivering it to the customers' homes, someone must handle it with extreme caution, or it will be damaged.

Wrapping Up - 

Precaution is better than cure - we have heard this quote a thousand times, but sometimes we forget. Similarly, if you are going to use travertine, then it is necessary to know everything about this stone. Above, we have mentioned the origin, appearance, application, and types. Stone Hub India, Kishangarh is the topmost imported marble supplier Kishangarh, and for more information about Travertine Stone and other marble, stay connected with us. 


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