Top Budget-friendly Imported Marbles For Living Room

Top Budget-friendly Imported Marbles For Living Room

Posted Date : 2023-08-16 12:15:21

Marble's classic elegance has set the standard for decades. Elegant, luxurious, and graceful design has always been a top concern, whether we're talking about historic landmarks or cutting-edge hotels. Is finding the best-imported marble in Kishangarh a priority for you? OK, so you ended up in the right place.

Kishangarh, Rajasthan, has been a major center for the export and import of imported marble for thousands of years. There is now no better site to purchase imported marbles of such beauty, polish, and refinement. In this article, we will go over the best-imported marbles in Kishangarh that won't break the bank and may be used to improve the look of your home.

Enhance the elegance of your interior with these finest collections of imported marbles in Kishangarh 

In the market, there are various collections of imported marble, and finding a suitable collection for your interior space can be a tough cookie if you haven’t found a suitable imported marble supplier in Kishangarh. Stone Hub India is a leading importer of imported marble in Kishangarh, and they have the finest collection of imported marble that can enhance the interior of the living space. From our marble store, we bring here the top collection of Italian marble that suits the interior. 


  • Amarone marble 

The beautiful deep wine-red base and striking veins from golden to cream color make this whole imported marble a haven of elegance. This is a versatile marble that can be used for multiple purposes, like countertops, flooring, and the interior of the building. It is quarried in Italy, and you can easily find it in our stocks in the marginal range of INR 150 per square foot. 


  • African brown marble 

Nature has beautifully crafted this collection of marble, and real artistry can be found in our imported marbles. African brown marble is quarried from Africa and has earthy tones of color with intricate veins. This marble is also versatile and can be used for multiple purposes, like kitchen countertops and flooring. From the beautiful landscape of Africa to the interior of your home - it is a journey of timeless beauty. The best possible marginal cost of African brown marble is INR 210 per square foot. 

  • Almiscado marble 

In the mentioned collection of natural stones, Almiscado marble is one of the rare and exquisite stones that has stood brilliantly against the test of time. From the quarry of Portugal and Spain, it brings down to the land of Kishangarh. The beautiful cream base and intricate veins of soft gold to warm taupe display the beautiful art of nature. For high-end interior projects, it can be the perfect choice to add grandeur and luxury to the structure. In the market, the suitable marginal cost of the Almiscado marble is about INR 240 per square foot. 


  • Perlato classic marble 

If you haven’t seen the pearl, then this marble can be the one that shows you the real shine and elegance of the pearl. The beautiful color of the perlato classic marble invites you to add it to the interior and for other applications. The elegant color of the cream base and the intricate veins of beige are alluring to the eyes. From the traditional to the contemporary, this marble is suitable to bring luxury to every type of style. The beauty of Perlato Classic Marble is unparalleled, and it costs around INR 500 per square foot. 


  • Light Emperador marble 

The Emperador marble family has already spread elegance and luxury throughout the universe. In this family, light emperador is another marble with a cream base, beige, and brown veins that brings the epitome of elegance to the structure. This marble is quarried in Spain, and its versatile nature makes it suitable for almost every space. Whether you want to add classic chic or contemporary - this one marble can satisfy you with a brilliance edge. In the marble store, you can add a variety of patterns, shades, and sizes that will be tailored to your needs for the interior. 

  • Black marquina marble 

The black color sets it apart from others, and this is a beautiful choice in the collection of imported marble. This marble is quarried in Spain, and the intense black background with striking white veins gives the whole marble timeless elegance. The beautiful appearance adds character, life, and movement to the structure. From flooring to countertops, black marquina marble is suitable for almost every application. This marble creates a bold impression, no matter for what reasons you are using it. In the market, the suitable cost of black marquina marble is about INR 280 per square foot. 

  • Silver travertine marble 

In the travertine marble family, you can see a wide range of colors and patterns, and one of them is silver travertine marble. The beautiful, immersing nature of silver and gray tones brings an inviting appearance to the structure. The piece of marble tells a story and evokes the emotion of its journey. The quarry for imported marble exists all around the globe, and you can find it in almost every region. The best advantage of using this marble is that it complements both light and dark colors. From the countertops to the flooring, this marble can be a perfect match for every interior. For homeowners and designers, silver travertine marble is the best choice for high-traffic areas like patios and poolside side spaces, along with the interior. 


Wrapping Up! 

Marble is an elegant choice in the collection of imported marble and adds a timeless charm. These marbles are durable, adaptable, and elegant, and they also add character and grandeur to their appearance. But the majority of people have the common misconception that marble can be expensive, which is why we are sharing our top budget-friendly imported marbles in Kishangarh. Silver travertine, black marquina, perlato classic, almiscado, African brown, Amarone, and light Emperador marble are some of the best collections of imported marble that will lighten up your mood and bring royalty to your living space. So if you want to step up the beauty of imported marble, then Stone Hub India is the best-imported marble supplier in Kishangarh that has marble tailored to your space.