The Most Beautiful Marble Stair Design for Indian Homes

The Most Beautiful Marble Stair Design for Indian Homes

Posted Date : 2022-07-18 14:48:41

Do you have this opinion that stairs are meant just to serve the connection between one floor to another? Then it's high time to alter that opinion since we're about to demonstrate how staircases may improve the look of your rooms. You may make your magnificent staircase the centerpiece of the room by keeping the rest of the decor simple.

Marble Stairs with Wooden Railing

Marble gives your home's interior an attractive appearance, but because of how porous and slick it can be, pairing marble floors with wooden railings might be a wise decision. Wood gives your house a cozy, country feel and lowers the chance of mishaps from damp floors. While wood perfectly blends with your wall cabinets, furniture, wooden doors, and windows, marble gives a stunning contrast to your interiors. To give your contemporary house an antique feel, try this combo.

Black Marble Adds a Bold Statement

If you are looking to get a bold statement about your place then you should go with black marble. It can make a statement that you want to bring to your home. These stunning black items enhance the design of the entire house, not just the staircase. Each step's ceiling may be fitted with a light for a sophisticated, bright appearance.

For this look use marble
Black Marquina
Black Gold
Black River Marble
These imported marbles will elevate your place look, you can easily find these imported marble stones in Kishangarh at Stone Hub India.

Glass And Marble for a Contemporary Stair Design

You may use straightforward floating marble steps with glass rails for a contemporary marble stair design. It gives the house a modern, edgy appearance while also giving it a roomy, lovely appearance. There are tons of options available when it comes to marble for stairs. Any marble, including Golden Spider marble, Grey Laurent, Emperador marble, Newton grey marble, and Black Gold marble looks good with a glass railing. So let your creative side out and give your house a chic personality.

Dual-Tone Marble Staircase Adds Additional Color 

By employing dual-tone marble, you may elevate the beauty of the contemporary marble stair design to a whole new level. Yellow and black marbles or white and yellow marbles are a couple of the more popular combinations. You may use different colored and textured marble to express your creativity, but try experimenting with yellow marble since it gives your design a mellow, warm tone and is also thought to be beneficial for Vastu.

Italian Marble adds to the aesthetics of your Home 

Italian marble is ideal for staircases because of its brilliant luster and exquisite veining. Try using lighter-colored Italian marble and designer railings for an aristocratic effect if you're seeking some stunning Italian marble staircase ideas. The attractiveness of your house will be enhanced by the proper lighting placement on your Italian marble staircase, which will also perfectly complement your modern home's interior design.

Your home's marble steps will give the interior of your contemporary home a sense of timeless elegance. Marble is porous by nature and should not be used in damp environments. Make sure to keep marbles dry and away from rainfall if you want to use them as stair treads.

 I hope this blog can help you with some of your difficult questions about stair design. If these pictures of marble stair designs aren't enough to pique your interest, come to one of our experience centers to select from hundreds of designs that are built specifically for you based on your requirements, tastes, and spending limit.

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