Perlato Sicilia Marble: A timeless elegance that is a perfect addition to your home

Perlato Sicilia Marble: A timeless elegance that is a perfect addition to your home

Posted Date : 2023-09-26 12:29:24

Pearls are usually found in the ocean, but you can find the aesthetic pearl in the collection of marble. Perlato Sicily marble is also known as the “Pearl of Sicily,” and the alluring shade of perlato drives the mind of the viewer and captures their attention. The name of Perlato Stone’s quarry is also hidden in its name, and that is Sicily, Italy.

The timeless elegance, durability, resilience, and artistic veins of the perlato sicilia marble make it a suitable choice for every prestigious monument and memorial. From architects to interior designers, everyone recommends this marble, an iconic statement of beauty. In this blog, we are sharing the whole story about the Perlato Sicilia Marble, and next time you can also incorporate this effective tool into your home to create head-turning moments.

What is Perlato Sicilia Marble?

Perlato Sicilia marble is quarried from Sicily, and it is available in colors like beige, brown, grey, gold, pink, and cream. The base appears inviting and elegant. The beautiful strokes of artistic veins in Perlato Sicilia marble make the whole ambiance phenomenal. Due to its lighter background, this stone perfectly complements the other dark shades that one is using in their premise. From classic to contemporary, this stone has the power to create a magnetic effect on every kind of interior in the viewer’s mind.

Perlato stone is durable, porous, versatile, and has a luster appearance that transforms the whole premise to another level. Among the A-grade marble collection, this one is the best Italian marble that deserves a spot in the list due to its appearance and popularity. Perlato Sicilia marble is categorized into the following categories as per quarry, appearance, and polishing:

Types of Perlato Sicilia Marble

Don’t just end up here because we have some of the best collections that you just want to make your own. Perlato Sicilia marble is categorized into the following types due to the variation in shades that can also add an illuminating and magnificent appearance to your mansion:

  • Perlato Sicilia Classico marble
  • Perlato Sicilia Extra
  • Perlato Sicilia Gold
  • Perlato Sicilia Grey
  • Perlato Sicilia Rosata

The shades of each one are different, and you can choose according to the type of space and your preference. Before purchasing, make sure to ask for a sample test to check the quality, exact color, and texture. Always make a purchase from a reliable supplier to save money, time, and effort.

Decorate your home with this beautiful marble. Application of Perlato Sicilia Marble

There are various applications of Perlato Sicilia Marble, and you can incorporate this alluring marble into various spaces to upgrade the whole interior. Some of the applications are:

  • Flooring 
  • Countertops 
  • Backsplashes 
  • Wall cladding 
  • Staircases 
  • Fireplaces 
  • Decorative pieces 
  • Swimming pool areas
  • Marble handicrafts 

Maintenance Tips for Perlato Sicilia Marble

Perlato Sicilian marble is an Italian marble, and it requires daily efforts to maintain its luster and appearance. Whether you are using marble in a high-traffic area or in a less crowded place, it requires daily hustle to sustain the beauty and magnificence of the appearance of the building. Here are the following tips:

  • Use a mild cleanser to clean the surface of the marble flooring.
  • Use a sealant to make it water-resistant and protect the marble from any kind of stain or moisture.
  • Prefer coasters and placemats if you are using the perlato sicilia marble in the kitchen countertops and table tops.
  • Install the marble from a reliable commercial marble company to prevent any sort of trouble.
  • Avoid any kind of scratching, acid-based cleanser, or spills on the surface of marble.
  • Remind yourself of the polishing of the marble on a periodic basis to maintain its shine.
  • Hire a professional marble company team to take care of the maintenance and installation purposes.
  • Never take the risk of installing the marble from any amateur or local company.

Cost of Perlato Sicilia Marble

The cost of the Perlato Sicilia marble depends on the type of marble, availability in stock, color, company from which you are purchasing, finishing, and thickness. The price range can be available in the mid-range or expensive depending on these factors.

When we look around the current market, the cost of Perlato Sicilia marble is around 225 INR per square foot. Before making a purchase, it is crucial to research the marble price in the market on a prior basis and also prepare a proper budget plan.

Creative ways to decorate your home with Perlato Sicilia Marble

Marble can also be used for decorative purposes instead of just flooring, countertops, and walls. So if you are an interior designer or marble lover and want to add creativity to your home with Perlato Sicilia marble, then here are some ideas that you can experiment with.

  • Art and sculpture
  • Decorative cutlery showpieces
  • Shower walls 
  • Customized furniture 
  • Bases of lamps and vases
  • Around the ground and swimming pool

During ancient times, people generally used marble for luxury monuments and thoughtful art pieces. Natural stone is a beautiful decor element to use in order to create an opulent appearance. From the dining table to the furniture, you can incorporate the marble anywhere to create the epitome of elegance.

Where can I purchase the Perlato Sicilia Marble?

Stone Hub India is the best-imported marble supplier in every corner of India, and they have 400+ collections for the interior of your home and building. Perlato Sicilia marble is the best collection among the rest, and it is in high demand due to its luster, appearance, and exceptional quality. Here, you can find all types of marble with the required thickness, slab size, and type. We also offer customized options to the customer to tailor their needs in order to create a high-end structure. The expert team is also ready to help the customer with installation and provide the right type of marble for your interior and exterior. Visit our website now.

Final Thoughts!

Perlato Sicilia marble is the best-imported marble that brings luxury and royal experience to your home. Elegant, trendy, durable, resilient, and versatile marble brings warmth and an inviting experience. In this blog, we’ve got you covered with everything about the Perlato Sicilia marble, and if you are ready to renovate the whole appearance, then this marble is the best go-to option to choose from our marble collection. Connect with us now to witness the true beauty of Italian marble.