Natural marble vs. Artificial Marble - What makes the natural marble irreplaceable? Revealing here

Natural marble vs. Artificial Marble - What makes the natural marble irreplaceable? Revealing here

Posted Date : 2023-10-16 12:45:10

Whether it is about the Taj Mahal, Victoria Memorial, or the statue of Leornado Di Caprio, marble has always been the best choice to bring the opulence, grandeur, and epitome of elegance to structure. For the viewer, the masterpieces made from natural marble bring warmth to the eyes, allowing them to embrace them from whole souled.

In modern times, there are also alternatives available that compete with natural marble. For example, the artificial marble is developed artificially but is incompetent due to its unimpressive features. Today we are going to give you a gist about natural and artificial marble and reasons why natural marble is the best and foremost priority over artificial marble for art lovers and interior designers. 

What are natural and artificial marbles?

Natural marble is made of carbonate minerals, especially calcite and dolomite. It takes years to form quality natural marble under unfavorable temperatures, heat, and pressure. Natural marble needs to be extracted from the core of the earth, and then it is brought into use to create stunning monuments and decorative art pieces.

Artificial marble is also known as man-made, cultured, or engineered marble. This marble is made from crushed natural stones, pigments, resins, and chemical additives. For others, it could be a competitor to natural marble and comes in various colors, types, and sizes. Artificial marble is also employed in the flooring, countertops, and decorations.

Which one is better, natural or artificial marble?

This has always been a controversial question about which one is better: natural marble or artificial marble? Below, we are going to break down the whole topic one by one, especially the pros and cons, cost, and applications of natural and artificial marble.

  • Natural elegance

The natural marble is formed naturally, and hence its magnificent beauty is solely justified. From Marvel art pieces to architectural ones, the essence of nature and beautiful creations of nature make them classy and one-of-a kind. There are a plethora of options available in variety, patterns, colors, and designs, and each slab is different from the other.

Artificial marble is also beautiful, but the colors and design are consistent and uniform. You can’t find variation in appearance in almost every piece of man-made marble. In terms of color and pattern, there are limited options available that you can experience with this stone.

  • Maintenance

Being naturally formed, natural marble is soft and porous, and it is more prone to scratching, stains, and etching. That is why natural stone requires regular maintenance, and you need to add sealant to protect it from moisture.

Being formed through a man-made process, it is designed in such a manner that customers don't need to pay much attention to maintenance. Once you have installed it, you don’t want to keep yourself ready with a soft cloth or cleanser all the time.

  • Durability

Natural marble is soft and porous in nature, which is why it is more susceptible to scratching and stains. But once you install sealant and keep on performing regular maintenance, then this won’t trouble you. The best examples of ancient monuments made from natural marble are the Taj Mahal and the Victoria Memorial.

Artificial stone is designed with chemical mixtures to make it less susceptible to scratches, stains, and discoloration. They are non-porous and don’t even require sealant to protect them from moisture.

  • Cost Evaluation

The cost mainly depends on the location, type, accessibility, availability of the stones, and the popularity of the imported marble dealers. When it comes to pricing, natural marble can’t be cheap or affordable due to its beauty, rarity, and quality. But the value it adds to the monument makes it worth spending.

The artificial stone is affordable, and if you have budget constraints, then this could be the best alternative to use and can be easily accessible from anywhere.

  • Installation process 

imported marble is delicate and fragile, and hence it requires attention to detail while installing the marble. For the owner, it is necessary to hire the best marble supplier company to get this whole process done.

For artificial marble, you don’t need a team of experts to install the marble properly. The owner can hand over this installation task to any reliable company, and this won’t even consume enough time and money.

As per the comparison between natural stone and artificial stone, natural marble has more aesthetic value than artificial stone. The natural marble can be used in almost every spiritual space to bring positivity to the whole space. Monuments made of natural marble are a welcome relief from the heat of summer.

Above all, natural marble is the best to choose if you are planning to transform the whole structure into a stunning masterpiece that brings awe to the viewer.

What are the reasons that make natural marble best among other alternatives?

Here are the following reasons why natural marble is the best deal for your interior than other alternatives in the market: 

  • Marble enhances the value of property.
  • Bring a luxurious appearance and make it elegant.
  • Customers can get customized marble that tailors to their needs.
  • Natural marble offers several health benefits due to its hypoallergenic nature.
  • Flooring, countertops, and artwork—the natural marble can be used for various purposes.
  • There are a multitude of marble varieties available, and you can find the marble in the desired colors, veins, and patterns.
  • This marble is formed naturally and quarried from the core of the earth, which is why it is an eco-friendly and perfect decision to make during purchase, especially for nature-conscious individuals.
  • Utilizing natural marble means an individual honors the culture and tradition and supports the age-old practices in India.

Final thoughts!

Natural marble has an irresistible beauty that you can’t ignore and adds luxury and grandeur to an individual’s life. Our historical monuments are a testament to beauty and age-old tradition and culture. The comparison between natural and artificial marble illustrates that words can’t do justice to the natural beauty of marble.

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