The Best Monsoon Tips for Maintaining Imported Marble

The Best Monsoon Tips for Maintaining Imported Marble

Posted Date : 2023-08-19 12:47:24


Imported marble's elegance and refinement have been praised for generations. The elegance and sophistication of the marble elevate the building's overall design. But this rare gem needed careful attention to keep its luster and elegance intact. Imported marble is porous and easily discolored; therefore, extra care must be taken during the spring and summer months.

Most people make costly blunders while caring for imported marble because they don't know what they're doing. In this post, we will discuss the best ways to maintain your marble during the rainy season. Don't spend the monsoon season fretting over the deterioration of your stone's luster.

 Don’t neglect these imported marble maintenance tips during the monsoon.

In modern times, natural stone is a representation of the elegance and class of an individual. There is a wide variety available on the market, but before purchasing these limestones, ensure their quality, durability, and maintenance tips to let them shine throughout the year. To understand all these factors, you need to look for the right dealer of imported marble who has years of experience in the marble industry and gives priority to quality imported marble sales. Now let’s look at the best marble maintenance tips that you should not neglect during the monsoon season.

  • Regular cleaning

Natural stone flooring, worktops, and other surfaces need to be cleaned daily with a damp cloth to keep their luster. Don't allow the dust to remain on the surface for too long, as this will diminish its sheen, whether you're in a high-traffic area or your own house.

  • Clean up the spills.

 Stone is porous, which is why it is prone to staining, and that is why it is better to wipe off spills on the surface. Never neglect the maintenance and care-related instructions for the imported marble before purchasing. It is possible that maintenance tips for natural stone may differ from others due to the different origins or quarry.

  • Avoid direct contact with wet things.

When you are completely drenched, nothing comes to mind before keeping yourself dry to prevent infection or allergies. In this situation, most people keep their wet essentials on the marble flooring or the kitchen countertops, which leads to stains. To prevent direct contact with wet things, use coasters or mats on flooring and countertops during the rainy season.

  • Dry off first, then go inside.

 In the monsoon, rain can occur anytime, and you may drench yourself entirely in it. But don’t make your marble floor wet; instead, try to keep all the wet essentials outside and enter with a dry touch. Also, the damp surface of the marble can be risky, so you may slip and get injured.

  • Avoid acidic cleaners.

The connection between natural-made things and acid doesn’t suit, and that is why it is a better option to keep the acid cleanser away from the natural stone. While cleansing the imported marble, try to avoid acid-based detergent and use mild detergent; don’t even rub it on the surface. Go with a slow and soft hand.

  • Sealing

If you haven’t checked the sealant on your marble flooring this monsoon, then now is the time to do so. A properly sealed surface of the marble keeps it safe from instant moisture and stains in the rainy season. Sealant ensures that water and moisture don’t enter the pores of the marble and acts as a lubricant between the environment and the surface of the marble.

  • Dry the floor if it is wet.

A wet floor is prone to stains and loses its shine during the monsoon, so if you ever find water on the floor, try to make it dry with a soft, dry cloth or some other means.

  • Connect with the marble installer.

During the monsoon, there can be several issues that may arise, like damage, cracks, or holes. Homeowners should also prepare themselves to maintain the beauty of their marble flooring before and after this season. For this reason, it is crucial to connect with the right marble supplier in Kishangarh to have a word on the major topics of marble.

  • Keep the windows closed.

To see the shower of the monsoon, you may wet the marble floor while opening the window. That is why it is necessary to close the window, at least in those places with marble decorative pieces or marble flooring.

Wrapping Up! 

Both ourselves and marble floors require special attention during the rain. During the monsoon season, homeowners tend to replace their marble floors more frequently due to a lack of awareness about how to care for imported marble. Stone Hub India, a leading provider of imported marble in Kishangarh, has shared their expert guidance in this blog post. The marble needs to be cared for regularly, so make sure the sealing is intact, clean with a light detergent, dampen the floor with a soft cloth, and mop up spills frequently. Maintaining the marble's luster and elegance throughout the monsoon is easy if you keep these pointers in mind. Stay in touch with us if you're interested in learning more about the care and upkeep of the natural stone.