Latest Marble Designs for your exteriors

Latest Marble Designs for your exteriors

Posted Date : 2022-07-28 14:27:51

Your home decor says a lot about who you are and the values that are important to you. Most people maintain their living area spectacularly so as to make a wonderful first impression by making with the living area, where the majority of your guests will be welcomed. You can always find plenty of designs and ideas for your interior design but what about your porch, garage terrace, and other areas that are being ignored or not considered as the priority of people.
In this article, we are going to discuss particularly about the exterior designing that you can enhance with Imported marble.

  1. Broken Marble Floor Design:
    This is one of the most common marble floor patterns in India. This flooring design is perfect for you if you enjoy zigzag patterns and want to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere in your outdoor area. This flooring option makes your outdoor space seem wonderfully distinctive while attracting your guests' attention.
  2. Black, Brown, and White Border Interaction:
    On a basic marble floor, lines and striations go hand in hand. Over a vast assortment of white marble, you may play with black lines and match them with brown ones. You and your visitors will learn to love this flooring's harmony and seamlessness!
  3. A Bright Statement Featuring a Marble Design:
    Yellow marble gives your home a lovely texture and character while still being almost undetectable and rather elegant. It provides a feeling of consistency and nicely finishes wooden furniture. If you want to go beyond white and black marble flooring, pick this marble pattern.
  4. Stunning Black Marble Floor:
    Black marble floors are highly distinctive. It adds a wonderful feeling of aesthetics and elegance to the interior design of your home. Black marble mixes in with practically any furniture and design items because of its neutral color. Choose this marble flooring option for your home if black is your first and final passion.

  5. Benefits of Patterns:
    Your property will appear fantastic with lustrous white marble flooring strewn with brown or black tiles. By switching out the tiles, you may experiment with other combinations for the same. This marble and tile combination gives off a regal but understated appearance.

  6. The Veined Marble Flooring Design:
    One of the most recent marble flooring design concepts in India is this. The clean drawing room is given drama and visual appeal by straight-lay marble tiles with veined patterns. They give it fluid but edgy feel as a result.

  7. The Dynamic Marble Design with Stripes:
    Marbles with stripes utilized on the floor and surrounding the tub give this contemporary bathroom a dynamic feel. Such herringbone designs are also becoming more and more common in striped marble designs.
    Here I am going to suggest some most effective marble stones that will add grace and charm to your exteriors.

    • Golden spider Marble
    • Black Marquina Marble
    • Black Emperador marble
    • Newton Grey marble
    • Almiscado Marble
    • Armani Brown Marble
    • Grey Breccia Marble
    • Metal Rust Marble
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