Italian marble or Indian Marble? Which one is better.

Italian marble or Indian Marble? Which one is better.

Posted Date : 2022-03-23 13:44:01

Marble has been used all over the world for different commercial & domestic purposes. Whether it's the living room, bathroom floors, kitchen countertops, or interior décor of luxurious hotels. Among the overwhelming variety of choices, Italian & Indian marble is most preferable. In this article, we will discuss both the marble so that you can make an informed decision for your home.

Indian marble is the most popular attractive and decorative stone because of its gratifying colors, attractive patterns, and designs. Indian Marble is popular for its beautiful appearance, toughness, and durability. Italian marble has a very highly polished, soft stone with a crystal clear appearance but Indian marble has medium polished, harder stone and is infamous for commercial use.

Let’s differentiate in the Features

The appearance of marble decides the applicability if it's lush, glossy, and elegant then it suits best on the flooring of the living area whereas your bathroom flooring needs harsh, stain-resistant & hard marble. So, it all depends on the features:


Italian marble has a high luxurious and crystal-clear appearance and sheen whereas Indian marble has a medium luster.  Italian marble is most prominently used in hotels, restaurants & luxurious palaces as it has a captivating look that elevates the appearance & home décor to the next level.

Colors and Varieties

Italian marble imported from Italy and Indian marble extracted from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. Indian marble is available in a wide range of varieties and colors such as white, grey, deep yellow, green, red, black, etc. but Italian marble is available in Bellezza, Migliore Forte, Amore, Spazio, Lontano, Giovane, etc.


Italian marble is available in 18mm to 20 mm slabs which makes it conducive to small hairline cracks over time and Indian marble is available in several sizes up to 30 mm.


Polished Italian marble is available as one-sided polished slabs but Indian marble slabs can only be found as polished or unpolished.


Indian marble cost is varied in different ranges but good quality marble is available at almost ?80 per square foot. Italian marble cost is available at ?350 per square foot onwards.   

Strength and durability

Italian marble is soft and Indian marble is harder comparatively so cause of harder strength Indian marble is used in the kitchen but Italian is not used 


Both marbles are washable with a mild detergent solution. Marble should be sealed periodically infuse with sealers that create a protective fence to prevent staining. Both Indian and Italian marble lose their shine over time, so they have to be polished periodically to keep their shine. All the liquid divulge on the marble. Routine cleaning of both the marble is necessary but never be scrubbed.

Environmental concerns

Indian marbles are harder so no need for toxins or chemicals to reinforce stone but Italian marble is softer so epoxy resins, matching pigments, and chemical resin sealers are required for reinforcing.

Why Indian Marble is less Popular than Italian marble.

Indian marble is somewhat less popular when we lay its comparison with Italian marble. Highly lustrous, sophistication and elegance are some adjectives that are often used for Italian marble. All these features qualify it for commercial use which makes it more popular than the Indian marble

Indian marbles are mostly used in bathroom walls and floors, kitchen countertops but Italian marble is high-end floors of living, foyer, staircases, table tops not preferred in kitchens as it is very soft and can easily stain. Italian marble gives a high-end look to the home. It is used for decorative purposes also.

Italian marbles need highly skilled craftsmen for laying because of their soft and lustrous texture. Indian marble requires a lesser level of skills as compared to Italian marble.

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