Imported grey marble under 300 per square foot.

Imported grey marble under 300 per square foot.

Posted Date : 2022-08-09 18:28:30

Grey Marble has something that makes it popular and the first choice for flooring and wall cladding. The color grey is preferred by designers & architects due to its soft color palette that can be blended easily with any décor type from conventional to modern.

In this article, we are going to discuss the applications of grey marble and also, I am going to discuss options such as which type of grey marble can be applied in that particular area. So, let’s proceed further!

Grey Marble Flooring

There is no question that grey marble flooring looks great. You can find this color marble's different sizes, tones, and shapes. Grey marble with different patterns is available with us at Stone Hub India, Kishangarh. Make your homes and offices look stunning with this imported marble. The minimum thickness of the slab available is 15mm whereas the maximum thickness is 20mm. You can contact us in case you are looking for Imported marble!

Grey Marble Living Rooms

Grey marble slabs are considered to be an absolute choice for living areas or public places, it seems to be a perfect choice for flooring as well as furniture upholstery. Grey color marble doesn’t restrict you as the color grey is versatile. For example, Armani grey marble is light grey marble that has fossil patches all over it whereas Astrus grey marble is dark in the shade with white-like veins all over the surface.

Grey Marble Countertops

Countertops tend to change the whole look of the kitchen and grey countertops exhibit a soothing look and provide a sophisticated touch to the kitchen. If you want to create this look you can use Bossy grey marble, Botega grey marble, grey Emperador marble.

You can easily find these Imported marble slabs at Stone Hub India, Kishangarh.

Grey Marble Bathroom

The Marble bathroom looks stunning despite the color if properly arranged. If you are planning to renovate it then the grey color is perfect actually go for a light shade of grey. Because light shades are easy to match with other furniture and colors.

You can go for these marble stones:

Ebony silver marble: This marble comes in a light grey color marble. This marble will look perfect on the bathroom floors. You can also use this marble at the fountain area, ledges, mosaic, divider topping, and other outline ventures.

Versace grey marble: This marble is a gorgeous one. Versace Grey is a high-end Italian marble with a stunning and distinctive backdrop made up of Light Blue, White, and Golden Veins. This Marble is utilized primarily in settings where luxury is an important component. Any room may be given a pristine tinge of luxury by using this stone. The external and interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, steps, window sills, and other architectural projects benefit most from the use of this stone.

Grey Williams marble: The unique Grey Williams Marble is available in attractive designs and figures. Additionally, many favor it because of its amazing glace and shine appearance. Grey Williams Marble is frequently used for floor coverings, cladding for walls, borders and designs, handcrafted items, and many other things. Given its many uses, Grey Williams Marble may be placed in rooms, dining lobbies, kitchens, lobbies, stopping, storerooms, sanctuary spaces, and other locations. This stands out from the other Grey Williams Marble components.

You can contact us if you are looking for Imported marble stones in Kishangarh. Also, you can visit our website for more information.

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