How to select the right & economical marble?

How to select the right & economical marble?

Posted Date : 2022-05-19 15:46:47

Choosing the right marble that fits your budget is quite a bothering task. There is an overwhelming amount of marble designs available in the market. Different rates, quality, patterns, and designs are there in the market.
If you are perplexed about how to get the right, economical marble for your place then don’t worry I am here to discuss a few points that will lead you to the best economical marble. Read this article if you are constructing your home or office or getting it refurbished, this article is only for you. Keep scrolling!

1. Understand your taste

Initially, you can examine the many marble colors, patterns, and varieties on the market. Discover your preferences and dislikes. However, keep an open mind as you examine various marble slabs. Do you want strong veins or something a little lighter? Do you want a slab that is uniform throughout or one with noticeable variations? Remember that the marble color and texture you select will be a permanent part of your decor. Understanding your preferences will help you through the process with ease and clarity


The texture and finish of a natural stone are the next most important factors in determining its beauty. These characteristics distinguish each stone. The texture might be coarsely fractured or finely grained and smooth. Polished, leather, honed, hydro, and more finishes are available at The Quarry. Both have a significant impact on space's aesthetics and atmosphere.

3. Watch out for damages

While marble is one of the toughest materials known to man, it is prone to spontaneous fractures due to changing weight, heat, and rapid contact. Fissures are a natural feature of the stone that occasionally shows a layer beneath. A crack, on the other hand, is thin at first but expands over time, potentially causing structural concerns and instability. They start off as small hairline cracks that can eventually break off. It's possible that a cracked marble slab was mistreated or even dropped.