How to know that you are Buying Authentic Italian Marble

How to know that you are Buying Authentic Italian Marble

Posted Date : 2020-03-25 12:56:37

Marble is the finest and one of the most durable materials to be used in the building. Marbles are the natural form of rock present in the earth crust. Being the naturally occurring element the color and pattern of each marble are unique in nature and appearance depending upon the geographical region and impurities trapped. Original marble is highly strong and durable which justify its price. Many of the regions are gaining expertise in faking the original marble design and selling it on the name of the original one. In this article, we will discuss the tricks and tips to differentiate between the fake and the real marble. These tips and tricks will help you to identify the authentic marble design which will, in turn, help you to stay away from fake suppliers and unauthentic marbles.

How to differentiate between the real and fake marbles-

Before undertaking the difference between real and fake marbles it is always beneficial to know how actually marbles are formed. It will provide you an idea of the basic appearance of the marbles. When the marbles have formed the kind of impurities trapped in between give rise to the vein design. In a similar manner, the kind of rock which has gone through metamorphosis gives rise to the color and texture of the stone. These all process finally give the overall appearance to the marble. And these factors also help to distinguish real and fake marbles.

Formation of Marble

Marbles are formed by the metamorphosis process of limestone. These limestones went through the metamorphosis process at a particular temperature and pressure because of which they get transformed into marbles. And to add with these also make the marble far stronger and durable than the limestones. The veins present in the limestones are due to the impurities trapped in between the limestones during the metamorphosis process. These impurities give different colors and patterns to the marble and provide a unique appearance.

How to Know the marbles real or Fake

The veins and swirls present in the marble pieces are due to the reason of impurities trapped in between the marble during the metamorphosis process. These veins provide a unique design to the marbles and the biggest trademark to its authenticity.

Some of the steps to recognize the real and fake marble are as follows -

  • Find a spot on the marble that is, especially which is inconspicuous. Also, try to put a few drops of vinegar on the marble, real marbles will develop bubbles on it.
  • Try to scratch the surface of marble and use the magnifying glass to look at the scratch. Real marble will easily get scratched while fake marble will not get scratched easily.
  • On looking at the bottom of the surface of the marble, if there are little holes on the marbles it is due to the mixture of resin and plastic in these marbles. Real marbles do not have these holes.
  • Real marbles have unique veins design which an expert will easily understand. While fake marbles have similar vein patterns on all of its rock.

Where to purchase authentic marbles?

While purchasing the marble, try to opt only for the dealers who are ISO certified for the quality. Even after looking at certification make sure to make a proper inquiry on the source of marble. Sometimes marble quarried from China and Vietnam has a sticker of Italian marble as they have been sent for processing to Italy. Here point to be noted is the fact that these marbles are quarried from China or Vietnam but sticker is attached to these marbles because they have been processed in Italy.

Therefore, when making the purchase always make sure to get a proper trial about the origin of marble. You are paying your money, therefore, try to purchase from the best Italian Marble supplier only.

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