Everything you need to know about Italian marble

Everything you need to know about Italian marble

Posted Date : 2022-10-17 16:31:41

Due to increasing demand and abundant supply, the market is expected to grow in the coming years from 2022 to 2025. Italian marble is the most prestigious marble in the world, and people prefer this marble due to its endurance and magnificent look. It is used in almost every place, like offices, malls, and buildings, and also for making showpieces. Stone Hub India is the best-imported marble supplier in Kishangarh and if you are wondering about this marble, then you are at the right place. 

But here you need to take a pause because it is important to understand why you are choosing this Italian marble over other options of marble. Below, we have mentioned everything you need to know about Italian marble

Here are the following reasons why you should use Italian marble 

  • Quality - 

There are multiple reasons to choose marble, and quality is one of them. People choose a product if it possesses quality and durability, which marble undoubtedly does. The purity, durability, and elegant white color make this marble stand out from the rest of the marble in the world. You will find a large variety of marble like Bvlgari Grey Marble Price sq. ft. in the market, and if you are unable to find one, then Stone Hub India is the best-imported marble supplier to visit. 


  • Endurance -

Endurance is the most considerable reason for any customer, and Italian marble is honed to this quality. If you are installing this marble once in a lifetime, then there is no need to install it again and again. You only need to spend a bit of effort on daily maintenance to extend its durability. Before coming into the market, there are several processes required to make it more robust and sustainable. That is why hard football can not cause cracks.


  • They are Versatile -

This is the advantage of Italian marble; someone can use it for multiple purposes. Kitchen countertops, offices, temples, homes, and malls-Italian marbles are an incredible choice for someone to make it the “epitome of elegance”. Due to the large variety of options, someone can use it as per their desired choice. 


  • Not even hurt the wallet - 

Quality always has an impact on skyscraper construction. But the best thing about Italian marble is that you don’t need to be worried about pricing when choosing Italian marble. There are multiple varieties available at a lower price, and if you are comfortable choosing marble of supreme quality, then it is also available without hurting the wallet. 


  • Alluring colors - 

There are numerous colors available in Italian marble, like gold, black, red, rose, grey, blue, creamy, pink, honey, and white. Italian marble with these colors improves the mood and adds an impeccable experience to the viewer or people who reside there. Marble is a sign of purity and peace; wherever someone uses it, it beautifies the whole region.


List of the top building where marble is used that you should know 

  • TajMahal, Agra 
  • Odeon of Herodes Atticus theatre 
  • Washington Monument 
  • Supreme court building monument 
  • Pantheon in Rome 
  • Leaning tower of Pisa 

Amazing facts about marble that you don’t know yet 

There are several amazing facts about imported marble in Kishangarh and here we have mentioned some of them - 

  • With the help of Italy, it was first used in Rome. basically, the purpose of using marble is for monuments and statues. 
  • As per the popularity, there are three types of marble someone can use - Carrara, Calacutta, and Statuario. The statue of Michelangelo is made with the marble - Carrara. 
  • Italy is another huge exporter of marble after India. This country exports to around 140 countries globally. 
  • The quality of marble is very high, pearly, and magnificent. 
  • The weird thing about Italian marble is that - this marble requires chemicals for maintenance and cleaning. 
  • This is crucial to know - highly qualified craftsmen are required to install the Italian marble. 

Wrapping up - 

If you are looking for options in marble, then Italian marble is the best one to choose. Globally, this is one of the best marbles to choose from for interior and exterior decoration of marble. Above we have mentioned the reasons why you should choose Italian marble over other marbles in the market.