Can Water Stain Marble?

Can Water Stain Marble?

Posted Date : 2021-01-29 15:38:33

Can water stain marble? Yes, it can happen, but in rare cases when city water or well water is acidic. Marble is made of calcium carbonate and it reacts with acidic water leading to transparent or soft dull spots.

Remember one thing that pure water do not stain or damage the Marble Countertops.

While water deposits can stain your marble, it is rare in rare cases. In 99% of cases, water spots are exposed to acidic things like fruits, coffee, juices, sauces, dressings, alcoholic beverages and many more.

While "water spots" look as if they are as a result of water penetrating the inner layers of the stone, they are not. Instead, they are the result of etching or corrosion of the countertop surface due to the countertop's reaction with acidic materials.

Because etch marks are similar to water deposits, many homeowners refer to them as water spots.

How to remove water stains from marble

water stains

Water stains are caused mainly by etching on Marble countertops so we have to remove those etch marks.

To clean the marble surfaces you want to wipe off, cover the stain with enough polished powder then polish 2-3 times with a spray bottle to moisten the powder. Sprinkle water on the powder.

When in place, use a towel to wet and etch for 20 seconds to 1 minute to rub the polished powder over the scar. If this is correct, the etching marks should begin to fade.

When rubbing your marble with polishing powder, do not apply too much pressure to avoid scratching the marble surface.

A great way to go about this is to quickly rub the countertops at a high frequency until the etch mark is reached. Apply pressure to the countertop only if the mark fails to go away after 20 seconds. After removing the etch mark, spray the marble cleaner on the surface, and then clean the marble surface with a clean towel. You should then thoroughly clean the surface once and free it from excess polishing powder.

In most cases, Etch Marks will get away with doing this once, but if you do it and it doesn't stain, repeat the process a second time. If it still does not work, contact a marble professional to assist you.

Can you prevent your countertops from etching?


Yes, you can, but you cannot stop etching 100%. The best you can do is probably 90% and you do this by applying a chemical coating on the countertop.Coatings are a great idea if you have a high-use area such as a hotel or bar, but discourage you from using the coating on your home countertops. This is because the coating can:

  • Make it look plastic to change the appearance of the stone.
  • Countertops may require additional special maintenance.
  • Coating can wear easier than stone, giving your surfaces a cheaper look.
  • Coating can sometimes be difficult to apply correctly or may require expensive professional application.

For your home, avoid coating and take good care of your marble surfaces. It tells you:

  • Countertops with high quality seals at least once every year.
  • Clean the surfaces with a non-acidic cleaner. The best materials to use are sponges or soft cloths with hot water and specially formulated marble cleaners.
  • Avoid soap as a regular cleaner as it has been shown to lead to a dull film covering the surface when used for a long time.
  • When cutting or placing items on countertops, use cutting boards, travel and coasters. These items will protect surfaces from scratches and are in direct contact with juices that can dig up surfaces.

Trivets prevent your countertops from coming into contact with a hot pan, therefore preventing scratches and potential scorching.