Armani Grey Marble, Designs Application, and Price!

Armani Grey Marble, Designs Application, and Price!

Posted Date : 2022-06-27 12:06:38

Armani Grey Marble is originally a marble quarried in Italy. It is a mesmerizing brown marble that differs and is beautiful from other marbles because it has fossil-like structures over the texture of the brown fossils over it. You can use Armani Grey Marble for flooring, interior décor or exterior décor, stairs, or countertops. It attracts grace and luxury automatically after applying.

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Ancient grandeur is seen in the similarly consistent pattern of Armani Grey Marble Texture. Prestige Brown Marble is the name given to it. It has a prominent, clearly defined white vein across the length of its surface. High durability, impeccable finishes, and appealing texture characterize the grey granite.

The brown marble known as Armani Grey Marble is an import from a Turkish marble quarry. This marble is a dark brown tone with sporadic veining of pale brown or grey. Recrystallized carbonate mineral, which is beneficial for durability and water resistance, makes up this marble. Brown Armani Stone, Kemalpasa Olive Marble, and Armani Marron Marble are other names for this marble.

It is possible to process  Armani Grey Marble in Kishangarh to have a variety of surface finishes, including polished, aged, swan cut, sandblasted, tumbled, honed, and bush hammered. This marble is offered in slabs and tiles of various sizes and thicknesses.

The strength of the vein and hue of the brown determines its variances. It has a homogeneous backdrop and a thin texture. Including Armani Grey Italian Marble tiles, we offer the greatest variety of home design pictures and ideas.

Construction and design projects can both use Armani Grey Marble. It is frequently employed for flooring, wall cladding, stair casings, and countertops. Additionally, this marble is popular for mosaic, pool, fountain design, external wall covering, and other design projects.


  • Natural Imported Marble
  • smooth, Polished, and, honed surface finish
  • Long-lasting shine and durable

For the KITCHEN - 

We like using this stone as a focal point and backsplash in a contemporary kitchen with greys and whites.


The fireplace below demonstrates how well this adaptable stone blends with a more traditional color scheme of creams and earth tones.


Armani Grey in Kishangarh is very simple to picture from floor to ceiling in a posh hotel or multi-residential skyscraper because of its rich colors and sumptuous warmth. Imagine this stunning stone on floors, accent walls, or even a floating staircase, and we can't help but get thrilled!

You can purchase Armani Grey marble from Stone Hub India in Kishangarh at a reasonable price.
The options seem limitless! Check out some of the motivational pictures we found for you below! Enjoy the design!