Top 10 Italian Marble Flooring for India

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Marble is one of the wide choices among the people of different countries and especially, India. Marble adds the element of luxury and beauty, inducing the ambiance in the house. These natural stones are a perfect choice for home, maintaining the worthiness. They are coated to preserve the porous surface from absorbing dirt and stains.

Marble has its vital uses apart from flooring like walls, window sills, furniture, etc. and it is important to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of it. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Imported marble in Kishangarh,we felt obliged to provide some insights on the top 10 Italian Marble flooring in India.

Here are the 10 Italian Marble flooring options to accompany, indoor or outdoor.

Bottocino Marble - This Italian marble is named after the town in Italy it is quarried in, Bottocino and processed further in the lab using the latest machinery. The color of the Bottocino marble is beige with unique brown veins, considered as the finest and luxurious product.

Dyna Marble - Royal Dyna marble is identifiable by its beige color and straight-crossed veins structure. It is one of the popular and inexpensive Italian marble, widely known for its smooth homogeneous surface and stain-free feature.

Grey Williams Marble - This marble is directly imported from Italy and Turkey, found in grey color with whitish layered veins. The random slab sizes, anyone can get are 3’6” * 7’0”, 4’0” * 8’0” and it can also be available at your choice. Match this marble style in your living room, lobby area, bathroom floor, or wall cladding.

Travertine Marble - This is one of the ancient, long-standing, and famous marbles used in the Roman empire and now imported in other countries. The marble is exquisite for its unique characteristics like resistance, color, timeliness, and feature to dwell in various architectural styles.

Perlato Sicilia Marble - It is a perfect Italian marble for flooring in India and is in use since Roman times due to its long-lasting and shining characteristic. Size is never an issue, Perlato Sicilia marble is found in beige tinted color followed by straight and crossed veins.

Bianco Marfil Marble - This marble falls under the collection of Migliore, available in beige and cream color accompanied by the golden uneven veins. Bianco Marfil marble is safe to utilize and affordable for the exterior-interior divider, flooring, etc.

Almiscada Marble - A blue color Italian marble is used for exterior and interior design projects including walls, flooring, countertops, stairs, window sills, etc. This marble comes under the top Italian marble used for flooring and can be processed into honed, aged, sawn cut, and many more.

Black Marquina Marble - Black Marquina marble is the best choice of marble for flooring, outskirts, and plans. This type of marble is best for interior architecture because of its high-class black color imparted with the white veins, running in undefined destinations. The Marquina marble is found in multicolor too.

Black River Marble - A very unique and distinctive black marble quarried in Turkey. These marbles are a wide choice for kitchen counters due to their non-igniting character or high heat resistant power. Choose this marble for interior design choice as the black background color marble overlayed by the white veins will outshine the house, making it look classy.

Armani Grey Marble - This Italian marble is quarried in Italy & Turkey, also named as Fossil Grey marble due to its fossil-like structure over the texture of grey marble. It will be an ideal choice for interior-exterior, flooring projects, countertops, etc, available at the price of 180 per sqft.


In simpler terms, the above mentioned Italian marble is few from the collections with its best specification and quality adding in house. The evolution over time has gained popularity to include Italian marble and flooring of such marble for India will be an icing on the cake.

To have Italian marble in your home, Stone Hub India is the solution for all your house flooring needs, situated in Kishangarh. The best imported Italian marble design is equipped with high-quality and certified by ISO. Any query or question will be answered by us without any delay.