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I am sure you are looking for marble stones that add a special touch and grace to your place. If you are thinking imported marble will not fit your budget and planning to go for Indian marble. Indian marble is a good choice but imported marble stones are relatively luxurious and graceful.

There are Italian marble stones having a high-luster and crystal-like appearance which can add a dreamy touch to your home. These marble stones are much delicate and are used to décor interiors and corners of the house.

Now let me introduce you to some budget-friendly imported marble that will fill your place with grace and beauty:


Brescia Estrella Marble :

Collection: Migliore

Color: Beige, Cream

Price: Rs.180 square per feet

This marble stone is quarried from the best mines of Turkey. This marble is suitable for exterior and interior walls and floors. It has a creamy background that provides it a natural, subtle look which makes it more desirable for designing projects.

Brescia Oniciata Marble

Collection: Migliore

Color: Beige

Price: Rs.200 square per feet

We import this marble from Italy, this is one of the finest types of Italian marble. You can use it ,especially for interior designing. This type of marble is good for durability and resistance.

Champagne Beige Marble

Collection: MIgliore

Color: Beige

Price: Rs.170 square per feet

This marble is good for building stones, countertops, sinks, pool copying sills, ornamental stores interior- exteriors ,and other designing projects


Ice stone Marble

Collection: Spazio

Color: Grey

Price: Rs.200 square per feet

This is Turkish marble known for its greyish and sophisticated look, often used for both floors and walls. It is also known as grey stone Marble.

Marmara White Marble

Collection: Spazio

Color: White

Prize: Rs.170 square per feet

Marmara White marble is imported from Turkey and Italy, this marble has a white base highlighting particularly straight grey and white veins all over it. Its smoothness and appalling appearance make it more wanting and desirable.

Spanish Grey Marble

Collection: Giovane

Color: Grey, White

Price: Rs.160 square per feet

Spanish Grey Marble is a grey color Marble quarried in Turkey, it has grey background highlighting more or less sharp veins all over it. This is Turkish marble known for its greyish and sophisticated look, often used for both floors and walls.

Café Amaro Marble

Collection: Amore

Color: Brown

Café amaro marble is light brown and dark brown mixed having white veins all over it, it is a type of Italian marble. This marble is suitable for wall and floor applications, mosaic, countertops, pools, fountains and other designs.

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