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Since the covid-19 has taken over our lives, most of us are spending maximum time at our home, with that comes more focus on how our homes should look. In 2022, many homeowners are addressing outdated bathroom designs and looking for a refreshing look that will eventually update the whole bathroom look.

If you too are thinking to work on some harder-working fixtures and stylish accents that provide a comfortable, practical refresh then I have some great ideas for you, keep reading!!

Trending Bathroom designs for 2022

From classic white to deep black, I have designs and ideas that surely will enhance your bathroom’s look and feel. So keep reading and explore the latest bathroom designs.

Simplified Color Scheme

You don’t need a lot of colors and different marble to make your bathroom walls beautiful. Go for a minimalist look. Choose a white-based marble featuring an extraordinary structure of veins as it is a beautiful feature of marble that you cannot find two marble pieces alike, on combining two pieces together its makes more appealing. You can also go for vein matching and book matching.

For creating this subtle yet elegant look marble-like Golden Spider, DMartino Marble, Brescia Oniciata marble can be used. You can easily find these marble at our website, click to explore more.

Wood-like Marble

As of now trends are moving towards a more simple, sophisticated look than in preceding years. Which means choosing more natural, tactile material. Since wood cannot be used on bathroom walls and floors. Wood-like-looking marble is a great way to enhance your bathroom.

For creating this sophisticated look, you can use Perlato chip marble, Breccia aurora marble from our collection. You can easily find these marble at our website, click here to explore more.

Broody Black

The black marble has always been in trend, black marble sinks and bathtubs look exceptionally beautiful. Black marble walls contrasting with floors will make your bathroom floor look extraordinarily gorgeous.

Choose black marble from our collection, we have imported black marble that will elevate your boring bathroom into a luxurious one, such as black gold marble, black Marquina marble, Black River marble.

Cotton Candy & Bubble Gum Bathroom

If you are bored of monotonous theme then you can induce some fun colors into your bathroom. Cotton candy and bubble gum themed interiors provides a light, upbeat vibe. It provides a relaxing and refreshing vibe in the morning.

You can choose a range of marble stone from our collection, such as Armani Beige marble, Brecha Rosetta Marble, Sarancollin Marble.