Imported Marbles To Make Your Hotel A Palace

You Search For Imported Marbles To Make Your Hotel A Palace


Do you want more and more guests to check in to your hotel? Have you ever went into an hotel and got attracted by marble walls, floors, handicrafts? If you have your own hotel then have you ever thought of ideas that can make your hotel not less than Palace?

What’s better than Imported Marbles in Hotels which are Elegant, attractive, beautiful, eye catchy, natural and most importantly Hygienic specially in this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Exotic Marble walls are very attractive and it will be more attractive in your luxurious Hotel so that when any customer walks in he/she gets attracted from the very first impression. Remember, first impression is always the last impression.

Now, you must be thinking that which Marble you should use in your Hotel , Right? Don’t worry about that, we will help you with that too. Below are some Imported Marbles list which you can use in your Hotel to make it attractive:-

Italian Marbles

  • Italian Marbles: The above mentioned Marble is Italian Marble and it has various types as well such as Calacatta, Carrara, and Statuario. All of them are different in shades, designs, size and colors.
    You can use this marble in your hotel to make it more elegant and classy. This is one of the best options to choose from.
    The best color pickup in Italian marbles is Black and White, these colors are just amazing in these marbles and you will found them mostly in Hotels. But if don’t want to opt for this color then the best option is Grey which is in the picture above.


Onyx Marbles


  • Onyx Marbles: Being stricken with tinge of golds and greys these marbles have different variations and also the marbles are best suited in its natural color which is white. In the above picture you must be seeing a Blue Onyx marble which will suit your luxurious walls and flooring.


Exotic Marble Walls In Luxurious Interiors


Exotic Marble Walls in Luxurious Hotels are the best and unique way which makes the interior of your hotel even more delightful to watch. Below are some amazing marbles which you will definitely opt for:-


African Brown Marble


  • African Brown Marble: It won’t look like a Marble on the Luxury Interior, it will more look like a canvas.
    From the Marble quarry of Turkey, African Brown marble is an imported marble of brown color. It’s looking like brown vein, Isn’t it? Its speciality is that is Water proof and its durability is long lasting. For projects of construction and designing you can use these marbles.


Black Marquina Marble


  • Black Marquina Marble: This marble is one of the most demanded marble in Indian and International Market. Luxurious contrast is been created when you use this marble with warm colored background.


Blue Breccia Marble


  • Blue Breccia Marble: If you see carefully there are combinations of different natural stones in the same space. The element used in the composition of the wall is a luxurious cladded oasis brown marble, marked gently with white veins.


So, these are the top Imported marbles which you should definitely go for. Marbles have a lot of different varieties , shades, sizes and colors. If you’re confused as to where to buy these imported marbles from then let me remind you that Kishangarh ( Marble City Of India) is the best place where you will find many sellers and importers of marbles.


Although there are many sellers and importers around the city where you can choose your Marble from. But , We provide you with top notch quality marbles from the best mines of the World. With a very large range of marbles we serve you with attractive and eye catchy marbles which consists of a very different shade, and design which you’ll see rarely in the market.

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