Do’s and Don’ts For Cleaning The Imported Marble Floor

You Search For Do’s and Don’ts For Cleaning The Imported Marble Floor


The cost and value of imported marble are recognized through the efforts that you put in to maintain it. Due to this reason, if you have imported marble flooring, it is also necessary to know how to maintain it to retain its shine. 

Stone Hub India has been in the marble industry for so long that they sell high-quality imported marble and also suggest incredible ways to maintain its shine. Today, you can see highlights below about the dos and don'ts of cleaning imported marble flooring. 

The thing that you need for the cleaning of imported marble flooring -

-Neutral soap 

-Clean water 

-Hydrogen peroxide solution 

-Baking soda 

-Stone cleaner


Say no to this - 

-Avoid rubbing the lemons 

-No vacuum 

-Scrubbing brush 


  • DO’s for cleaning the imported marble flooring 

1. Clean on the spot - To retain the shiny and elegant appearance of the marble, it is necessary to clean the stain on the spot. Marble absorbs quickly; hence, it is necessary to keep the soft cloth in your hand and wipe off the dust and spills to avoid stains. 

2. Use mild soap - Neither acidic nor basic in nature. If you want to clean the marble floor, then use mild soap for the best experience. 

3. Sweep daily - If you want to retain the shine and look clean, then it is necessary to sweep daily for a better experience.  

4. Floor sealant is a lifesaver - For the prevention of stains, it is necessary to use floor sealant to avoid wasting money installing new marble on the floor. 

5. Polishing helps to let it shine longer - Polishing acts as a shield and keeps the marble protected from external factors. Due to this reason, it is necessary to use marble that is well polished. 


  • Don’ts for maintaining the imported marble in flooring 

1. Never dry from the air - Marble absorbs detergent and water, and when it dries, it leaves long-lasting marks. That is why it is better to use a dry cloth to wipe the floor and use less water to avoid falling on the slippery floor. 

2. Never Rub - In order to remove stains from the floor, people become harsh with their marble and start rubbing it. But this is the wrong method, and it reduces the luster of the marble. 

3. Avoid daily mopping - There is no need to mop the floor daily, once a week is also sufficient. 

4. Lift the objects instead of dragging them - Never drag objects on the marble floor; it may cause cracks and scratches that worsen the appearance. 

Wrapping Up - 

Marble improves the appearance of the building and creates a magical experience when it shines. But purchasing expensive and high-quality imported marble is not a big deal; the thing that matters is maintenance. There is no need to spend a lot of money on the marble if you maintain it properly. Stone Hub India deals in the best - imported marble in Kishangarh, and they have more than 300 collections of imported marble. Because the characteristics of each marble vary, we have shared the best way to maintain it yourself.  

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