Some Latest Marble Trends 2020

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The latest stone design has become more and more contemporary and universal in appeal. For the stone lovers in the present time, you can find the same marble in NewYork and Dubai at the same time. In the latest trend of natural stone, it has been witnessed that the newest design has prevailed over the traditional model of the previous year. In the next section, we will discuss the latest trend in the marble trend for the year 2020 and what new we can expect in the coming time.

What is the latest trend In Natural Stone?

The latest urban marble design is mostly on the world trend. As the marble suppliers and dealers can make available any quality imported marble; therefore, the urban bias in the sculpture has shown consistency in design and pattern all over the world. Some of the marble patterns which is going to trend are as follows –

  1. The modern and contemporary design will prevail: The year 2020 will be more about modern art rather than vintage prints. This trend will be reflected in marbles, also contemporary art will be reflected on the tiles. This consistency will be seen on the global level, where most of the preference will be given to modern and contemporary designs.
  2. The architecturally clean architecture will prevail: When it comes to print and cut the clean print, the architecture will be the first choice. The photographs will also be less contrast and more of on the background. The block print will still be in demand, but its use will be more limited. We can see graphic design as print also in the modern prints style.
  3. More textured fabric with less design will prevail: As mention earlier, less design will be more in demand. Therefore fabrics with less design and more materials will prevail. Here durability and longevity will be the most critical factors.
  4. The more relaxed and sober color will be in trend: As the trend is more towards sober and straightforward, so the same will prevail in the case of marbles also. There will be dry and direct prints in demand. Veins will prevail in marble design, but they will not be in contrast but somewhere more in background.
  5. Tan and beige will prevail in carpet color: When it comes to flooring, tan and beige will be more in demand, and the same will be in the case of the carpet floor. Tan and beige will show a kind of trend in the year 2020.
  6. The price will depend more on on-demand: When it comes to price, the marbles more in demand will see a boost in pay. Many other factors also needed to be considered. Like imported marbles will be on a higher side while the local marbles price will more of depends upon the demand of the product.

How this trend is helpful for your constructions

You could select the marbles with better design at a reasonable cost. Prevailing of sober and straightforward design will help you to shift your focus towards durability and longevity more. The uniqueness of your stone will prevail, and the same will continue to rule over the years. This trend will be helpful to you with the following factors-

  • Your interior could be floored with a sober and straightforward timeless look.
  • Can state your style with evergreen marble design.
  • The durability of the material will not be compromised at any stage as this marble trend will prevail more for its strength and less for its design.
  • The sustainability of material will also be at utmost, and the same will prevail throughout the year.
  • There will be an easy fixture for marble, and the same will be easy to install.


Therefore, it’s the trend of evergreen stones and marbles with sober design. Therefore go for pure marble and make your interiors as well as exteriors design.

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