The Enduring Allure Of Italian Marbles Swimming Pools

You Search For The Enduring Allure Of Italian Marbles Swimming Pools


The outdoor pool of marble invites you to relax and enjoy yourself in a friendly environment with your loved ones.

You can use the best Italian marbles for your swimming pool from StoneHub India which is located at Kishangarh (The Marble City of India). But before that you must be looking for various Italian marbles ideas which you can use in your swimming pool.

Let’s take a look at the best Italian marble ideas for your Swimming pools.

Travertine Italian Marble Pool Decking

Pool Decking

Wondering why you should build your pool deck with travertine natural stone pavers? There are many reasons for this, from the functionality of the stone to its good looks. If you apply bricks to your pool deck then your pool area get ridiculously hot under the blazing sun, but Travertine eliminates this problem. Travertine reflects heat from sunlight while absorbing the ground cold beneath it. Thus, even on the hottest day of summer, pool deck demonstrations did not burn their toes leaving the patio behind. What’s better than Travertine Pool decks then, Right?


Tiled Swimming Pool With White Marble Surround


White Marble

Isn’t it looking classy? Well, yes it is. You can apply white Italian marbles according to your choice and preference.

White is a classy colour & when you will apply white marble to your swimming pool it will attract each and every outsider who will come to your place. It’s the best choice if you are looking to give your pool a classy & eye catchy look!


Beige Marble Swimming Pool


Beige Marble

In this magnificent pool, StoneHub India parted with a non-slip flame surface finish with beige marble slabs. A character that has many characters due to the nuances of colors ranging from cream to ocher and toop.


An "endless" style pool, in which, for a moment, we can imagine emerging from the water and delighting with the views of the valley and sea on the horizon; And at the end of the bath our body lay under the sun exposed to the pleasant texture of the stone.


Grey Pearl Travertine Pool Tiles


Grey Pearl Marble

Here is another brilliant example of Outdoor Marble pools. The grey pearls are giving an eye catchy look to the swimming pool. Its a very good choice for the people who want to give simple texture to their Swimming pool.


Exotic Internal Marble Swimming Pool


It is the most bizarre of our choosing and is very unique because it acquires a magical aspect inside your House. What’s better than internal swimming pool with such exotic feel.

An enticing place that invites you to a night bath with moonlight. If you are a person who want give a lavish look and specially want to make a swimming pool inside then this one is the best option for you.