5 amazing Uses of Marbles in Bathroom and kitchens

You Search For 5 amazing Uses of Marbles in Bathroom and kitchens


Marble is a versatile stone when you think of a home design. The key areas of use in a home are usually a bathroom and a kitchen. But people consider marble mostly as a countertop material rather than utilizing its potential in other important areas of a house as well.

Whether you plan a new bathroom or renovation, the finishing touches can make a huge difference. This is where marble can play a key role. These are some of the ways of using marble in home design in order to achieve a look that is both timeless and trendy.

Marble Walls

A marble wall in an interior space is a beautiful statement piece which can give a fresh feeling to your home that reads cleanly. Marble walls can reflect warmth or coolness in a room depending on what slab you choose. For example, Stone Hub India showcases Golden Portoro marble slabs, Grey Breccia which can change the overall design, adding depth and a focal point to the entire set.

Marble Furniture

Marble such as Bianco Pisado marble, Bottocino marble can completely transform your space as it is luxurious in look and texture. Marble furniture and accessories like a coffee table, marble cutting boards; marble beside lamps and marble coasters can create a pleasing visual effect to your home. Marble comes in beautiful veining and wide array of colors which is all the more reason to choose good marble furniture that gels well with the interiors.

Marble Bathtub

A marble bathtub can enhance relaxation and tranquility and give your bathroom a certain charm. The best option for your bathroom is to set up an imported marble bathtub and a shower close together. The best thing about marble is that it is versatile. Whether it is rustic or polished, marble matches well with any material.

Marble Statement Wall

With improvements in industrial adhesives’ strength, it’s now possible to apply a large slab of natural stone to create a striking and a glamorous backdrop. With the mix of the right type of themed decor which contains exotic marbles can create statement spaces in your home and lend it a chic yet classy look.

Marble Flooring

Using Italian marble tiles for flooring in the bathroom can provide a feeling of privacy, quality, and luxurious environment. In addition to that, it also provides simplicity in design. Matte marble flooring is a wonderful option for your home. Mixing and matching some casual furniture pieces with natural and woven textiles laid out on a Ice Beige Marble flooring can help you achieve the perfect balance.

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