Why We use Bianco Marfil Marble Mostly in Our Home

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Bianco Marfil is eye appealing in look, these Bianco Marfil Marble are best in quality and totally safe to use for construction purposes. This stone is particularly useful for Exterior - Interior divider and floor applications, ledges, mosaic, wellsprings, pool and divider topping, stairs, window ledges, and so forth and other plan ventures. Bianco Marfil Marble can be handled into Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock confronted, Sandblasted, Tumbled, etc.

Bianco Marfil is having the light cream beige which is getting from the recrystallization of carbonate minerals from non–foliated metamorphic rock. The availability of the Bianco Marfil is in different color segments with little bit sturdy, scratching & minus.

Why use Bianco Marfil?

There are various different reasons which are responsible for using the Bianco Marfil marble & some of these are as follows:

Bianco Marfil is mainly used for features like strength & good looks of the marble. After the completion of the polishing over it, Bianco Marfil is completely similar to look like a mirror.

Bianco Marfil is used for the last hundreds of years due to its flexibility features which provide the better utilization of this marble for furniture, bathroom, vanities & floors.

Bianco Marfil is fairly able to handle & resistant towards the erosion of marble & fire exiting element. If there is an acidic incident that occurred on these marbles then it gets grit & scratch over it.

Specification of the Bianco Marfil Marble:

  • The slab size used in the Bianco Marfil is in cutter slabs and gangsaw.
  • The cutter size of the slab is into the customized form, maintaining the dimension of a slab of the 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm x60 cm.
  • The thickness of the slab is to be 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm and not more than that.
  • The finishing of the marble is to be maintained into the form of leather, flamed, brushed, honed, ligature & polished.

Instructions which should be remembered while using Bianco Marfil

  • Bianco Marfil is having low porosity so its maintenance is very low. Due to low porosity & durability, the air & water can easily pass through it. These features make it highly absorbent marbles.
  • The marble or tile which is polished or honed is requiring the utilization of the impregnating sealer towards the grouting. If you don’t apply this then you should follow the process of releasing the grout.
  • These are very easy to maintain and the cleaning could be done with the help of mop, hot water & neutral cleaner based on Ph. Do not use or try to avoid using the cleaners which are based on acid & chemicals.
  • If there is any sealing into Bianco Marfil, then just remove & avoid using acidic elements over this.

A polished Bianco Marfil marble is having the staining as additional proof whereas honed Bianco Marfil marble is having the surface which is a little bit absorbent as an additional feature to it.

Bianco Marfil marble is good looking when we deal in terms of the attributes like feel & look with the appearance as a luxury.

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