10 benefits of using marble over tiles

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Everyone dreams to own a house and finish each corner of it with unique furnishings and materials. Nobody wants to compromise rather they cater towards the top-notch quality and brands for the house. For every new house development, necessities are required like selecting marbles, tiles for floors, designs for rooms, color to match with the interior, and much more to count on.

For once people can live without storage facilities but not flooring as they are the base of the entire home. There are various materials used for different purposes and here are these materials you should know. 

  • Marbles
  • Tiles
  • Carpet
  • Lime concrete
  • Wood
  • Mud and murram
  • Bricks
  • Glass, etc.

The numbers are not limited in flooring option but the two majorly used materials are marble and tiles. Before beginning with the benefits of marble over tiles, it is necessary to understand what they are exactly.

Marble - In History, we have studied marble is a metamorphic rock formed by years of physical and chemical transformations due to heat and pressure. A sound definition of marble has gone through various processes before the final result and due to such extraordinary features, emperors and artisans loved using it. One of the most beautiful and sought after stones for centuries when used at home, add an undeniable touch of luxury and opulence.

Tiles - Tiles, on the other hand, is a thin square or rectangular shaped object created from different materials like ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or glass at a high temperature. These tiles can be used on rooftops, walls, floors, counter toppings, and many more depending on creativity. The solid differentiation between marble and tiles is, marbles are natural designs of nature whereas tiles are man-made structures.

After flooring comprehensions, let’s go through the benefits of choosing marble over tiles with the specified reason for your right choice.

High water absorption rate - Marbles are the gift of nature formed from calcite, dolomite, or limestone with dense and porous characteristics to absorb water. The unique vein patterns and swirls on the surface bring aesthetic and luxurious touch in the house with durability as the first characteristics.

Durability - The high absorption rate of water makes marble durable and long-lasting without any risk of heavy loads. Marbles are available in slabs, blocks, tiles, and detain the power to hold heavy loads that tiles lack. It’s your choice either to buy shiny marble, rustic marble, glossy finished marble, and all comes with durability.

Cost - Budget is another significant factor before the purchase and the naturally occurring materials are available at an affordable price with varied colors and rarity of designs. The typical cost of marbles is measured per square feet including Italian marbles.

Aesthetic Value - Tiles have eye-catching color and art but marbles hold the symbol of luxury and opulence. Marble is a choice for the home that will add a unique, aesthetic, and beautiful authentic view in the room. 

Best for indoors - Tiles can be used inside and outside both but they can’t bear much load and have the risk of breaking. Whereas marbles hold an intensive bearing power thus, making best choice for indoor areas like foyers, halls, and bathrooms. You have to choose wisely based on the judgment of budget, design requirement, space location, and utility, marble offers durability at an affordable price.

Favorable for climates - Marble flooring in the house produces a cooling atmosphere during hot climates. You can favorably feel cold underfoot due to the presence of marble and it's a wise choice based on climate as you can fit a heater too for winters.

Moisture resistant - The presence of moisture-resistant characteristics makes it easier for cleaning daily. You can even find sealing protection for the shiny look if going up with the budget, hence reducing pressure.

Scratch-free - The durability feature is connected with smoothness as it can withstand high load and eradicate any problem related to scratch throughout the home.

No allergies - One of the prominent reasons for choosing marble over tile is, it’s allergy-free. People with allergies are safe at home as it doesn’t allow dust particles to stay and dander around, allowing an easy way to wipe off whenever visible.

Eco-friendly - Marbles are eco-friendly and there is no use of chemical - all-natural during the process of manufacturing. Additionally, it is degradable at the end of life, making it a fine choice for a healthy environment.

So, here are the benefits of choosing marble over tiles, and with the above-mentioned information, you can easily make a wise choice. You are a designer of your home and with the little guidance, it can help you choose eco-friendly and healthy marble for life.