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Autumn Brown

Type : Sandstones
Color : Red
Application : Flooring, Countertops, Interior and Exterior
Finishes Available : Polished, Swan
Description :
Stonehubindia: Autumn Brown Sandstone is a remarkable choice on account of its durability, quality and magnificence. Harvest time Brown sandstone is hard-wearing smooth darker sandstone having a mix of light and diminish darker tones with pieces of information of dim.Autumn Brown Sandstone blends shades of light and dull darker that upgrade customary settings. Hard-wearing and requiring insignificant upkeep. The thick structure of this sandstone makes it intense and quick drying.Autumn Brown Sandstone can be carved and dressed into smooth surface or can be cut into various shapes.It can be used as Flooring, Countertops, Interior and Exterior Autumn Brown Sandstone is uncommonly impenetrable to acids, alkalies and saltiness.Autumn Brown Sandstone is additionally utilized as a part of the type of bars, columns curves, entryways and window ledges, divider facings, fence posts and grindstone and so forth. We are the best exporter and supplier of Autumn Brown Sandstone.

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