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Beige Travertine

Type : International stone
Color : beige /cream
Application : Flooring,interior Decoration,Cladding,Bath Design,Exterior Cladding,Rounded Cladding and Coverings
Finishes Available : Honned and Filled,Polished,Tumbled,Brushed
Description :
Stonehubindia: Beige Travertine Marble:- Beige Travertine Marble, It is cream/beige shade. Supported for private errands including flooring and backsplashes. Besides can be utilized as a bit of gateways and ways, restroom and kitchen.The Beige Travertine is possibly a champion among the most famous Travertines on the planet. It is a beige/light darker shaded trademark stone, with slight assortments in regards to beige shading tones. It can show some darker shaded districts, and what s more some white tinted ones.

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