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Rajasthan Copper

Type : Northern Granite
Color : Light Brown
Application : Interior- Exterior walls, Floors, Monumental stone
Finishes Available : Polished
Description :
Stonehubindia: Rajasthan Copper Granite is to a great degree strong, atmosphere protected and solid stone. It is mix of quartz and feldspar mixed with particles of mica. These things are outstandingly regarded for their quality, tones and diagrams and are open at to a great degree judicious rates. Rajasthan Copper is sit out of apparatus for both inside and outside applications. This stone is especially helpful for edges and bar tops, floor and divider covering, stairs, window sills, building beautifications, Interior divider panels,water dividers and wellsprings, points of interest and other arrangement wanders. Rajasthan Copper shake has its own particular essential of trademark towards quality, cleaning, and scratch free and stain free stone. Stone Hub India is a massive creator and exporter of Rajasthan Copper shake in India.

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