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Multi Red

Type : Southern Granite
Color : Pink with light black and white drops
Application : Flooring, Paving, table Tops, Wall Claddings
Finishes Available : Polished, Honed
Description :
Stonehubindia:- Stone Hub India is producer, Supplier and exporter of multi red. Multi Red Granite Slabs have to a phenomenal degree smooth and sparkly surface which makes it all the all the all the more enthralling and demandable. Multi Red Granite Slabs are commended for its apex quality and faultless view. With the bewildering and enchanting shading this stone offers a nostalgic and warm feel to the surroundings where it is connected. It can be utilized as Flooring, Paving, table Tops, Wall Cladding Finished magnificently, these are changed by the similarity of the clients.

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